Eudaimonia B.V. trading under the name De Bont Advocaten (hereinafter referred to: De Bont) respects your personal data and ensures that the personal information that you make available to us or that we otherwise acquire, is handled confidentially. Personal data are understood as any and all information about a person. Data that are indirectly related to a person are also personal data. The following implements the notification requirement laid down in the GDPR in respect of the data subject whose personal data De Bont is processing.

Controller and communication

De Bont (controller) processes personal data to be able to offer services to you, to improve the services, and to personally communicate with you as a data subject. As a data subject you personally decide to participate in this and to make personal data available for it. You can also register to receive a newsletter (De Bont Spot On) or other forms of communication expressions of De Bont, e.g invitations for seminars, courses or presentations, or other events.

Purpose of the processing of personal data

De Bont processes personal data for the implementation of the agreement in which you engage us to provide our legal services. Depending on the content of your engagement / case, personal data are being processed, the latter to handle your engagement / case. This also comprised billing and collecting fee notes. In addition, your data can be used to provide you with certain information, to stay in touch (e.g. in the context of newsletters and invitations for events), in the context of an application, and in the context of compliance with statutory obligations.

At the moment that personal data are being used for a purpose other than for which they were obtained, it is again examined whether there is a legal ground for the relevant processing. If this is not the case then consent shall (again) be requested.

In certain situations it may happen that De Bont shares your personal data with third parties, for instance because this necessarily derives from our legal services to you (e.g. in the context of legal proceedings). Personal data are not shared with third parties for commercial purposes. It may, however, be that in case of events contact details of participants are exchanged.

What personal data are being processed?

De Bont processes the following (types or categories of) personal data for the benefit of the services or that were made available by the data subject of their own volition:
– contact details and other personal data that are required for the handling of your case;
– contact details made available during meetings, introductions, seminars, and other events;
– personal data that were made available via public sources or that were obtained from official registers that are accessible to us, e.g. the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce and the Land Registry;
– personal data in the context of an application, employment and/or a traineeship, e.g. your contact details, date of birth, nationality, civil status, and other personal data mentioned in or during your application.

De Bont processes the aforementioned personal data in the light of the aforementioned purposes on account of the fact that they were made available by you, as the data subject, on your own initiative, were acquired in the context of the services, were communicated to us by a third party, including other parties, or became available through public sources.

Foundation for processing of personal data

De Bont exclusively processes the aforementioned personal data if the following conditions are met (article 6 of the GDPR):
a) the data subject gave consent to the processing of their personal data for one or more specific purposes;
b) the processing is required for the implementation of an agreement to which the data subject is a party;
c) the processing is required to comply with a statutory obligation that is vested in the controller;
d) the processing is required to look after the justified interests of the controller or of a third party, barring if the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject that necessitate protection of personal data outweigh the said interests, in particular when the data subject is a child;
e) the processing is required to protect the essential interests of the data subject or of a different natural person;
f) the processing is required for the fulfilment of a duty of public interest or a duty in the context of exercising public authority that has been entrusted to the controller;

Personal data can be requested or obtained or supplied via email, by telephone, by facsimile, by letter or orally.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

De Bont only shares your personal data with third parties to the extent that this is required for the services, in consideration of the aforementioned purposes. Think about the performance of an expert opinion or the hiring of another third party on behalf and under the authority of De Bont, e.g. an IT supplier, but also the supply of your personal data in connection with (legal) proceedings or correspondence with the other party.

In addition, De Bont can supply personal data to a third party, including a supervisory authority or a different entity entrusted with public authority, to the extent that this is based on a statutory obligation.

A processing agreement is concluded with the third party that processes personal data on behalf and under the authority of De Bont as a result of which the said third party is equally bound by compliance with the GDPR. Third parties hired by De Bont that offer services in their capacity of controller are personally responsible for compliance with the GDPR in terms of the (further) processing of your personal data. Think about a consultant, accountant, civil-law notary, other hired third party for the benefit of a second opinion or an expert opinion. However, it goes without saying that our professional privilege applies if the said third party is hired in the context of our services as an attorney-at-law to you.

Security of personal data

De Bont attaches great value to the security and protection of your personal data and provides, in consideration of the state of the art, for appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to safeguard a security level in line with the risk.

If De Bont relies on services of third parties, e.g. an IT supplier, then in the context of the protection of personal data De Bont shall establish arrangements about sufficient security measures in a processing agreement.

Retention period for personal data

De Bont does generally not retain personal data that are being processed longer than required for the purposes of the data processing outlined above or as required pursuant to legislation and regulations.

If you fill in a contact or registration form on your own initiative, send an email or a notification to our firm, or approach us by telephone with a once-only request for information or something similar then a reasonable retention period applies.

Privacy rights of data subjects

You can send a request for information, correction, protection, objection, data portability, erasure of your personal data or revocation of previously given consent to the contact details indicated below. We shall inform you further within four weeks after receipt of your request.

Circumstances may occur where De Bont cannot, or not completely, comply with your request as a data subject. Think about the confidentiality obligation of attorneys-at-law and statutory retention periods.

In order to ensure that on the basis of your request we make the relevant personal data available to the right person, we request you to submit a copy of a valid passport, driving licence or identity card with a blackened out photo and civil service number (BSN) for verification purposes. De Bont only handles requests that are related to your own personal data.

Use of social media

The website(s) of De Bont Advocaten include(s) buttons and/or links in order to promote or share the web pages on social (media) networks or websites of third parties, e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. De Bont Advocaten does not supervise and is not responsible for the processing of your personal data by and via the said third parties. The use of the said media is therefore at your own risk. Before you start using the said services of third parties, it is recommended to first read the privacy statement of these third parties.


De Bont Advocaten tracks user data of the website(s) for statistical purposes. The personal data collected in this way are basically anonymous and are not made available to third parties by De Bont.

In order to increase the user convenience of the website(s) of De Bont Advocaten, so-called cookies are used. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on, for instance, your computer, tablet or smart-phone during your visit to the website(s) of De Bont Advocaten. You can refuse the use of these cookies at any time, although this may limit the functionality and the user convenience of the website.

The website of De Bont Advocaten uses cookies of Google Analytics to, in broad outline, follow the user behaviour and general trends and to obtain reports. This assists in improving the operation of the website(s). Google can make this information available to third parties if Google is held to do so by law or to the extent that third parties process the information on behalf of Google. By making use of the website(s) of De Bont Advocaten you give consent to the processing of the information by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above. Cookies are also placed for the use of buttons and/or links, as described above under ‘Use of social media’. De Bont Advocaten cannot control the placing and use of cookies by the said third parties.

On the website of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets ( you can read more about cookies and how you can block or delete them.

Change of the privacy statement

De Bont is entitled to change the content of this privacy statement at any time without prior notice. Changes of the privacy statement are posted on the website of the law firm. Hence, regularly consult our website In the event of essential changes in the policy of De Bont Advocaten regarding privacy, a clear notification about this shall be posed on our website.

Questions & Contact

In case of questions or comments about the processing of your personal data or this privacy statement, you can contact our firm:

De Bont Advocaten
By email:
By post: PO Box 75195, 1070 AD, AMSTERDAM
By telephone: 020 570 31 60
By facsimile: 020 570 31 61

This privacy statement was adopted in September 2021.