Tax consultancy firms or accountancy firms can also be confronted with a visit of the FIOD. If is useful to know how an unexpected FIOD visit should be handled. In this respect a handy office manual should be available in which the method is described; who should be contacted, who speaks with the FIOD and who shall not. If a visit is announced or if it is possible to create time before contacting the FIOD officials then it is recommended to go through the manual (whether or not together with an attorney-at-law) in order to freshen up the (basic) knowledge about the rights and obligations. In this phase, the attorneys-at-law at our firm can already be contacted (by telephone) for an exploratory discussion. If so required, it goes without saying that our firm can also assist in drafting / updating this kind of manual. We also have an HTML file available with which an office / business can be made ‘FIOD-proof’. This file can be placed on the desktop of the computers (so that the reference work is not hidden at the bottom of a drawer) and contains a manual for the receptionist, the office manager, and the person in whom the FIOD is interested.